Designed for data analysis. Great for everyone.

R AnalyticFlow is a data analysis software that utilizes the R environment for statistical computing.
In addition to intuitive user interface, it also provides advanced features for R experts. These features enable you to share the processes of data analysis between users with differing levels of proficiency. R AnalyticFlow works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and is free for any use.

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Analysis Workflow

R AnalyticFlow organizes data analysis processes in a workflow. Visualized processes can be reproduced easily and accurately by simply using a mouse.

Analysis workflows can be combined with related data and documents to form a project. With such features, R AnalyticFlow supports team-based sharing of analytical processes.

R: The Leading Data Analysis Engine

R is an open source system for statistical computing that has been developed collaboratively by experts from around the world. It has a vast number of implemented data analysis methods, and users can utilize various functions by writing programs in the R language.

With R AnalyticFlow, it is possible not only to manipulate R directly but also perform various types of processing intuitively without the need for programming input. It maximizes the performance of the leading data analysis engine in a more convenient and user-friendly way.

Ready to Analyze

R AnalyticFlow is equipped with various functions to analyze real-world data. An abundance of applications, for example, data reading, preprocessing, graphing, statistical processing, and predictive modeling, are available out-of-the-box.

Experienced users can customize these functions by setting options or writing R script directly. With this type of flexibility, R AnalyticFlow accelerates collaboration between users with varying levels of expertise.

Analyze Interactively

Users new to R programming will face no problem. R AnalyticFlow enables users to perform analysis interactively by selecting options and previewing the results simultaneously. Users can quickly and accurately describe processes, make edits, and share results with other users.

It also reduces the programming burden of experienced R users, with enough flexibility to designate detailed options or to edit auto-generated scripts manually.

R Programming Support

Experienced R users can directly write R scripts for complex processes. Users can include arbitrary scripts in a workflow, with the help of well-equipped assist functions such as highlighting and code completion. Even interactively created processes can be edited as R scripts.

There is also the option to externalize portions of a workflow as R script files, to include existing script files, or to use their favorite script editor with R AnalyticFlow.

Supporting your Work

R AnalyticFlow is equipped with a wealth of support features. To name a few, the object browser to quickly confirm analysis results, object caching for saving and reusing processed results, debugging function, and automatic backup system. All these features will support your analysis strongly.

For Everyone, Everywhere

R AnalyticFlow supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, and the display language can be set to either English or Japanese. R AnalyticFlow also allows users in different environments to work collaboratively.